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Importance of freedom between parent and child

We all are experienced and familiarized the relationship between parent and child. Parents are raising their children within a frame and rules. Parents are giving some restrictions to children when they entering schools and colleges. We heard a lot of negative incidents by students whey they misuse their freedom. Students are move into bad and negative activities also they spoil their life after doing crimes and other illegal activities. Our society filled with negative and positives men and they are doing a lot of crimes. The parents are covering their child from these types of men and watching their children’s activities closely. Parent should keep a good relationship with their child. Initially they took your character as role model. They imitate your actions and behavior without losing anything, so parent should give care when interacting with child. In childhood they are copying all matter with same manner. If the parent is going with negative activities child also follow the same path. As parent you should know some points to raise your children. The parenting style is important and it follows some methods. All parents are do hard work and sacrificing for their child. They have only aim; raise the children with all facilities.

Parents are giving the freedom to children with basis of their age. Also they both are making a freedom bond between them. Students have limited freedom in their academic life. They are under the teacher’s surveillance. Parent will get all academic activities report by teachers help. Primary and low academic classes students are never meet a bad guy. The college academic level children are changed and they become an adult man. Most of the students are misuse their freedom at this point. Parents should ask about their each day’s activities. Where they gone and what they did, etc should ask to your child. They don’t think you are not noticing their activities. If children are doing a crime and or moving on bad and notorious gangs, we can’t back them easily. Initially parents should understand their child’s passion and interesting factors. Don’t blame your child when he/she doing an activity. If they done wrong, block them and explain the reasons and consequence of their activities. Parents must try to create a good atmosphere when talking with their child. Also keep patience to listen your child. Children have a lot of doubts and confusions when facing the society, so parents are have the responsibility to clear these all doubts.

Sometimes students are never open their mind and problem. They have doubt when I present the problem, parent may think negative. Parent should give freedom to children for open their mind in front you. All parents teach your child about importance and meaning of freedom. We have freedom to live, but we are in society and society is build up with some rules. Today’s all are busy and parents are don’t give attention on their children. Generally city based area’s children have more freedom, but they don’t use for good activities. In rural area’s children are very closely with parents and they have the knowledge how to use their freedom. All are starting their learning from their family, so parents are their first teachers are they are giving best career and life for them. The academic teachers and institutions have major role in student’s freedom. Teachers must conduct the awareness class and seminar in education institutions. Children never hide anything from their parents. If you did negative and positive, your parents are should know that. They have the solutions save you. Also if you get advice and guidelines from there, you can avoid the fault in your path.

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