Seven Tips to Avoid Failure in Education

We all have undergone many tough situations or failure in our life time. In education time It will be about failure or getting less marks in exams. When grown up Fear will be about future and career. Like this fear of failure is experienced by every individual in every stages of their life.  There is  no one in this world who always succeed in their life.  What matters here is how we face it. The answer  for why someone is always succeed and why others are failing is all depend upon their attitude. Here are some tips to avoid failure in Education:-

Believe Yourself: The important thing everyone should have is the self belief. Everyone should have their own personality and attitude. Never try to imitate others and think yourself bad and useless. Always be confident and you yourself motivate that you can do it. The main thing to keep in mind is that never lie yourselves. You should be dedicated and honest in every thing you do. Then surely you will get best result.

Don’t bottle it up: Always keep in mind that Everyone in this world is undergoing a lot of problems and tough situations. So when you  have to face a failure, never try to make it as a big problem. Just ask yourself why it happens and try to find the solution as soon as possible. Never allow anything to make your mind worse. If you are not able to solve yourselves, get help from your parents, elders or friends whom you have trust.

Never feel shame: If you fail or didn’t get expected mark in exam, never feel shame or embarrassment of yourself. Try to find out where you did wrong and try to make it better next time. Never repeat same mistake again.

Learn from your mistake: Everyone should have a mind to accept their mistakes. It  we are ready to accept our mistake and ready to solve it, It will positively influence in our personality too. Always believe that every failure comes us to teach something useful and be ready to learn  it. Those people who are not ready will always complain others for their mistake and get their mind under stress.

Never compare with others: Every student have a bad habit of comparing their marks with others. What is the need of that? Every individual is unique in this world. Then what is the need to compare ourselves with others. There is some parents also who compares their children with others. Everyone should learn to accept themselves as  they are.

Accept your failure: Learn to accept your failure. Never be too emotional to anything. Just accept and learn from it. Most of the successful person are undergone failure many times. Try to read successful stories of great persons. Their life teach us failure is just a stepping stone towards success.

Keep smile in every situation: Life will lead us through every kind of situation, both good and bad. Always keep smile on every situation. It gives us some energy and confidence to move forward. Try to build an attitude to take everything cool. Worrying doesn’t give anything good. So think with a pleasant mind try to find solution for everything. Thus Success will follow you.

Is It True That Current Rise of Technology Is Inhibiting Our Communication Skills?

As years passing Technology has becoming an integral part of our life. Rapid growth of various technologies results into the invention of new devices and its usage makes us to  change our life style and also our character. One of the most influenced thing which makes people more addicted to technology  is the arrival of various social medias. Social medias has grown tremendously over past few years. The main thing which makes people to attract towards social media is its connectivity. Regardless of the location and region, people from anyone can communicate each other. We can connect others through text messages, calls, voice call or video call , share images and videos etc. These advancing features makes everyone to get addicted to various social medias. From children to adults, everyone is now expert in using its various features.

Social media has a lot of benefits to students. Advancing technology is paving a way for them to improve their knowledge. Students can get teaching tutorial videos on any topics online, which helps them to improve their skills and passion. They can raise themselves without depending others. But as like any other If we don’t use them in a proper way, social media will ruin our life. If we get addicted to them it not only carves our precious time, but also causes bad to our health and mind. It is the teenagers who gets more addicted to social media. When they are using it for communicate others as well as to express their views and suggestions, they are actually getting departing from the society. Everyone of them are very active in social media to protest against any social issues, but they didn’t have courage to speak others face to face. Their protest is only through social medias by commenting and posting few words. These is one of most dangerous drawback of social media. Youth is the age where we have a lot of potential to think and do any difficult thing. So if they get addicted to social media in this age and  become losing connection from society, it will badly affect the future of society. After reaching home from school or college, teenagers are using social media up to their bed time. So they don’t have time to talk to their parents and siblings. These will create a bad family atmosphere which may even cause to suicide also. There is no doubt that if we don’t use social media in a proper way, it can lead to serious issues. So everyone who is using it will definitely be aware about the drawbacks of over use of social media and should change ourselves. Don’t let social media control our mind. We should be the owner of our mind and control its use. Utilize every new things for good purpose and be part of a developing technology.