The Significance of Superiority of Education in Modern Life

In today’s society Education plays an important role in determining one’s personality and character. It is true that More educated you are, the better off you are.  Not only for self development, education is also important for the development of nation. We are living in a society which is undergoing chances day by day in every fields. Technical and technological evolution has made humans to be change their way of living and thinking. As new developments are coming, the role of individuals in building a better nation is becoming more important. Beyond money, education matters here. How educated or how much knowledge we have in a particular field determines our identity in the society. Being educated leads us to attain our goal easily. Without it, we would all just be ignored from everywhere. So it is important to be educated to show our signature in this knowledge based society.

Everyone of us wish to lead a happy and successful life. For that we have to be self dependent. The key to all these dream is education. Education not only makes us to gain high knowledge But it also helps us to improve our character and personality so as to become a better individual in the society. Education makes to be more brave and helps to realize the good and bad effects of anything we do. Thereby making us a good decision maker which helps to plan a better future. Being educated makes us to realize all our rights and laws in our society. Thus we can lead a better life. There is a lot of people who were illiterate suffers high difficulty to lead their life. Because they are unaware about the opportunities available in the society. So that they are leading the life following their ancestors without change. As long as they are going like this, more suffering will be their life. so change is an essential factor that determines our future.

To be change is not at all an easy thing. For that we have an independent mind that is strong enough to face any challenges happening to our life. For developing such a character, education is important. Here education doesn’t mean what we studied in textbook but what we learned from our various experiences in academic times. The courage that we get when overcoming a failure will definitely be with us throughout our life and it will makes us to take new challenges. Having good education also opens a lot of opportunities before us and it helps us to get  good job. Having good job with appropriate salary gives us confident enough to move forward and helps us to live independently and peacefully. A great job makes us to great social reputation and good status in society. So everyone needs to be educated not only for self development but also to ensure our responsibility to society as a better human being.

The Millionaire Guide on Importance of Education to Help You Get Rich

Every one of us surely dreamed of becoming a millionaire once in our life. But most of us are not aware of how can we attain such position or how much efforts and hard work those people put to become a millionaire. Does money be the only factor that makes them to be a millionaire? Do persons having better family background or having high wealth can only be rich? When we go through the life story of a millionaire and analyze how they attain such a position, we can realize that money alone cannot make anyone succeed in their life.

It is true that money makes us free from worries about paying life’s necessities. But if we don’t know how to use that money in a better way, there is no meaning in having it. So for being a successful man in life, education is also important. Education doesn’t mean graduated from a top university or having high degree of qualification. But it is how a person behaves in a society. Real education teaches everyone how to think, to be curious and to understand others feelings. It helps us to become a better human being by providing the knowledge to earn money and how to use it wisely and how to invest it for a better future. Everyone in this world is a learner throughout his life. Life always teaches everyone new lessons through various experiences, both good and bad. So to overcome all these difficulties and to reach over goal, one should have positive attitude towards life.

When we analyze a millionaire life, it can be seen that there will be a lot of ups and downs throughout their life. But that doesn’t bring them down or force them to leave there dream. For every down, there will be extra ups in their life. The energy level we get after overcoming a failure is much more than before. Such an attitude is essential for everyone who have high goal and it can be attain through a good education. Character building and education is much relative to each other. Better character means having a positive attitude towards life, understanding self as well as others emotions, to think critically and wisely, to be healthy and good minded. Everyone wish to be free from worries.  But money alone couldn’t give satisfaction in life. More than money survival is important. One of the advantages of education is that it is not just about read and write. It is about using their own advantages by utilizing the knowledge for their growth. Thus they can live without depending on others. Even though education is not mandatory for earning money, to get respect from the society one should be educated. It also helps to gain reputation by being in a great position.

How E-book Reading Influence on Critical Thinking of Students?

Reading is one of the important skill everyone have and if we develop it by making reading good books as a hobby, a lot of positive changes will happens to our life. Through reading, we not only attain knowledge about what was written in it but also develop our mind by improving our memory, focus and concentration, strong analytical thinking skills, vocabulary expansion, stress reduction and so on.  Benefits we get by reading a single book are priceless. So it is important to have a habit of reading from childhood itself.

In earlier times, schools provided better libraries to students for improving their reading skills and knowledge. Such Libraries having calmed and peace atmosphere will made the readers to be more involved and concentrated in their reading. Lot of public libraries was also available in those times. Such library not only helps to access good books but also cause to form great human relations between those who came there. Visiting library and spending time there was a part of their life habitat at that time.

But today, as a result of development in technology and social media, people’s approach to reading and books are also changed. Everyone is busy with their own life matters and they have no time to spend in libraries and all. Also every information they needed are now getting in front of them through internet just by one click.  Thereby traditional way of reading is now changed into digital reading. Books are changed into E-book. As the name suggests, E-books means electronic  book, which is the electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by personal computer or any other kind of reading devices. Now a day people who loves reading are more attracted towards this. Because it is very simple and easy to purchase e books through the internet. Once you downloaded it, you can read it at any time you wish without internet connection. It is very helpful to all who don’t have time to spend in library or other book store for purchasing books. One of the positive sides of eBooks is that it needs less space and it is portable. It is very easy to carry hundreds of books within a memory card, laptop or other storage device not worrying about their weight.

Here the question arises Does this e reading affects critical thinking of students. There is less chance to happen so. Because critical thinking means the ability to think clearly and independently. One who is interested in reading will read whatever good books he gets. Whether it is printed books or eBooks doesn’t become a problem here. All maters here is what they read and how comfort he is with that. E-Book reading doesn’t restrict one’s critical thinking. Because technology is one of the best platform to clear all your doubts and also to express your suggestion and opinions. How you utilizing it matters here. If you over depend on technology, it will badly affects your thinking capability. But if you use it in a good way, it will definitely improve your critical thinking capability and encourage you more towards reading by providing the best information.