How advancing Technology influence on Students life?

Technology is undergoing major changes day by day and now it became a vital part in our day to day life. It results into the invention of so many new devices which results in reducing the work load of human to a great extent. Therefore beyond age limits, everyone is depending on technology for their various activities. Everything has its on good and bad effects. How it effects to our life depends on how we use it. This is true in the case of technology also. If we use it for good purpose, it has positive impact on our life and if we use it for unnecessary purposes, it will give a negative impact on our life and leads to change us in a bad manner. Not only our life, it may badly affect to the society due to our bad behaviour. So it is important to remind us that whatever new development comes today, utilize it for the best purposes.

Advancing technology has a vital role in the life of new generation kids. When they attaining an age of 3 or 4, they are expert in using mobile phone and other electronic devices. This is not at all a good thing. It will badly affect the growth and character of children. But When it comes to the case of students who were studying in high school or other higher classes, technology has an important role. They have to use it for various educational purposes. As technology advances, teachers also giving their homework at somewhat higher level. So they have use the help of internet for doing that. Also there are a lot of new educational apps like Byju’s learning app are available now to make the students learning  process easy. Also students use Google and Youtube for various study hacks and tips to make their learning process interesting. Computer and internet use is mostly useful to college students. Because in many colleges, only one or two module are teached by professors and the rest are learning by students themselves. At this time information from internet is great useful for them. There is online classes and videos on any topic are available now and it very helpful. Like this There is a lot of benefits for students due to this advancing technology.

But it also has its bad sides. As already noted, If we use it for unnecessary things It will affect our life badly. Most of the students are now using social media too much. They respond very smartly to any social issues through it. But when it comes to talk in a public, they don’t have courage to express. Also most of the students is not aware about how to use technology in a better way and thus they are falling in trouble. So it is the responsibility of their parents and teachers to prevent their children from falling in unnecessary things and change them into a better person.

Strategies for developing a college essay without much efforts

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Simple ways to stimulate your essay writing skills more effectively

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Methods to empower the academic essay papers to build a bright career

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